The Dab Lab – Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing

Easy Mountain is here to teach you all about the basics of dabs! What they are, how they are made, how to get started with cannabis dabbing, the various methods, and the supplies you'll need to get started!

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Missouri Cannabis Dispensary Jobs Bud Tender

Wait, Indica & Sativa are the same thing?

Mind Blown!
The Myth of Indica vs Sativa: Debunking the Cannabis Dichotomy

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Medical Marijuana Patient Information

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Amanda Cribbs

Amanda’s Healing Story

The story of Easy Mountain patient Amanda Cribbs' story of overcoming health struggles with medical cannabis.

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The Easy Wind Playlist

We launched our own strain! In partnership with our incredible friends at HeadChange, we're super amped to offer Easy Wind in sauce carts and live sugar! We've also taken the liberty of cultivating the perfect set of tunes to go along with it! Take it Easy, Friends!

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Jadan's Healing Story - Easy Mountain Dispensary

Jadan’s Healing Story

This is the healing story of Jadan Cook and how she used cannabis to take back control of her life.

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The History of Weed by Easy Mountain Dispee

The History of Weed

The world of cannabis has changed drastically in the last 20 years. Having witnessed the increase and acceptance of recreational use in movies, television, music, and society, this change is obvious to almost everyone in the western world. What might be far less obvious is the significance of its historical acceptance and use of this medicinal and industrial plant. Let’s get back to our roots as we take a dive into the cultural history of cannabis.

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Easy Mountain’s Top 10 Strains of 2021 in Missouri

Howdy! This was one of the most exciting years we can remember in a long time, friends. We were able to get our hands on the best cannabis strains in Missouri and share them with our neighbors on the mountain.

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Troy’s Healing Story

Easy Mountain patient Troy Bergfeld's story of healing with the power of cannabis.

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Winter Vibes Playlist

Music and cannabis go together like Brewer & Shipley. At Easy Mountain, we are a collection of musicians and enthusiasts who reserve a special place in our hearts for a good jam. Here in the Ozarks, we've got a rich tapestry of great artists and genres to hear. Here are some local artists we've been diggin' lately. Disclaimer: this playlist is best enjoyed with some medicine. Enjoy, friends.

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