Howdy, Neighbor!

Located in the heart of the Ozarks, we exist to educate and support our communities through the power of cannabis. We believe in being good neighbors, treating folks with respect,  lending a hand where we can, and having a good time while we’re at it.

We call Republic, Missouri home to our medical & adult-use marijuana dispensary and empower our friends in the community through education and good old fashion conversation. Our focus on providing the best Missouri medical & adult-use marijuana products paired with one-to-one customer service ensures every single one of our customers feels comfortable, respected, and cared for. With a long-standing generational history here in the Ozarks, we pay homage to the history, culture, and people of our land in everything we do. From sourcing the best Missouri-only produced cannabis products to our focus on promoting local artists to the community gatherings in our own dispensary’s backyard, embodying the spirit of our home is the only way we see fit to do business.

Above all, our passions lie in helping folks. It’s vital to preserving the heritage of our Midwestern roots. Being a good neighbor. Giving folks a square deal. Helping people when they need it. Being a loyal friend. These things make us who we are. And finally, after a long day’s work, we love nothing more than sharing a few good laughs in reflection. We hope to see you soon.


Highest Quality

We insist on providing the highest quality cannabis products in our dispensary. Every product we carry goes through rigorous safety checks and is tested for quality and strength. We will never deliver a product that falls short of your personal expectations.

Missouri Made

We respect and love the Ozarks, and only sell Missouri medical marijuana and cannabis products. No matter what you're looking for, we have something locally grown and sourced from right here in our neck of the woods.

Manufacturer Partners

  • Find Headchange medical marijuana products at Easy Mountain Dispensary
  • Find Heartland Labs medical marijuana products at Easy Mountain Dispensary
  • Find c4 Pharms medical marijuana products at Easy Mountain Dispensary

The Crew

Drew Beine

A sativa dominate hybrid with strong hints of lemon and clementine. Won’t stop you from sleeping in, but when it’s time to hike, get out on the river, or rock and roll, you’ll have all the energy you need.





Alex Paulson

A sharp, full bodied sativa that reminds the nose of cypress and juniper, and a brief parsley flavor follow through. This pure sativa is sure to help start any early active day on the right foot. Enabling focus and resolve while providing a healthy and refreshing relief for muscle and joint pain for the patients who need it all.






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