Winter Vibes Playlist

Music and cannabis go together like Brewer & Shipley. At Easy Mountain, we are a collection of musicians and enthusiasts who reserve a special place in our hearts for a good jam. Here in the Ozarks, we’ve got a rich tapestry of great artists and genres to hear. Here are some local artists we’ve been diggin’ lately. Disclaimer: this playlist is best enjoyed with some medicine. Enjoy, friends.

Justin Larkin

The real ones know Justin. He’s been performing in the area for the better part of two decades with all sorts of bands including Mood Ring Circus. He’s one of those people who could pick up an instrument and play it perfectly the first time he sees it. Be on the lookout for his first solo full-length album.

Joe Dillstrom

We’re not entirely convinced Joe didn’t find a time machine back in the 60s or 70s and hop in only to get spat from the space-time continuum into present-day Ozarkia. His tunes connect with you at an organic level, pleasantly haunting your thoughts well after the song is over.

Steve Ames

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing Steve play, it’s like a cross between a theater performance, a one-man drunken opera and good old boys tellin’ stories on a front porch. His songs are all at once hilarious, truly local and thought-provoking all while giving you a good reason to slap your knee and sing along.

Brandon Moore

Any time you wanna feel good about where you’re from, throw on some of Brandon’s stuff. It’s singable, danceable and naturally good with a joint in your hand. Brandon’s influence on the modern local music scene is undeniable and so is his good nature.

Josh Heinrichs

Ok, changing gears a bit here. Josh did a Bo Burnham and dropped a new album recorded during the pandemic. Apparently staying at home makes people produce awesome shit. Josh’s album debuted as the #1 reggae record on iTunes and made the top 100, too. First time a Springfield-native musician has ever done anything like that. Plus, he shops at our store, so that’s cool too.

The Creekrocks

Married couple Cindy Woolf and Mark Bilyeu were both successful singer-songwriters before they got hitched back in 2013, but teaming up looks good on ’em too. The Creek Rocks are a super fun embracement of foothill music with a polished southern twang for fans of bluegrass. If you’re looking for green grass with little purple and orange parts, come to Easy Mountain.

Plus, more from these great local artists:

  • Big Smith
  • Dallas Jones & Molly Healey
  • Hillbenders
  • Eddie Gumicio
  • Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
  • Justice Adams Band
  • The Morells

Be sure to share what local tunes you’ve been vibing with in the comments and we’ll give ’em a listen. Hey, they might end up on the next playlist. And while you’re here, check out the latest music-enhancing medicine we’ve got on the shelves.


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