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The Dab Lab – Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing

DIAMONDS AND SAUCE – My personal favorite, Diamonds and Sauce is the progeny of cannabis mad scientists separating the two components of a good high: 1. THC 2. Everything else. The “diamonds” are THC crystals, pure and potent, coming in various densities and sizes depending on the batch. They are then “sauced” with a terpene and cannabinoid solution that is much less viscous than any other concentrate style. You’re basically hitting extract soup, and it’s incredible. You can control in each hit your ratio of diamonds and sauce, changing the potency and flavor to your preference. This is not a versatile medium for handling, and is best utilized in an electric dab rig, like a Puffco Peak, traditional glass banger, or some styles of nectar collector. 

These are just a few of the concentrate and extract styles available, and thanks to the ever-curious stoner mind, new ones get created all the time. The ability to creatively manipulate the medicinal attributes of this plant become more robust and informed with each attempt. New methods are developed to push the limits and understand how to best produce high-quality results with different strain types, and inevitably, breakthroughs are made. This knowledge grows throughout the industry and is built on by many contributors over decades of time. Like making dabs, doing dabs has also been subject to stoner innovations over the years. Next, we’ll examine the methods of consumption.

So now we’ve learned a lot about concentrated cannabis and we’re ready to try some with a friend who knows what to do. They say, “Wanna do a dab?” and you say, “Yes, I think I am now well-informed and prepared to do my first dab.” And then they bring out a blow torch and the deals off. What the hell do we need a blowtorch for?!? I mean, I’ve heard of industrial strength but this is excessive. That shock factor or nervousness is totally normal. This section will cover many methods of consumption to help give confidence to our friends who might need it! We will start with some basic equipment and practices that will ensure you have all the skills and tools you need to get started. Some things you may need, depending on which consumption method you use, include the following:

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